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New Blog Post - Epic Action [Royalty Free Music]

2012-03-02 18:43:05 by RealPublic

New Blog Post!
Epic Action by Voytek Pavlik<div class="blogmedia">

Finally I have done it. It's damn hard to make new things out of something I just learnt. Hopefully it looks tidy and organized.

What do you think?

Click Here

New Blog Post - Epic Action [Royalty Free Music]

Promote Yourself By Reviewing My Audio Subs!

2012-02-01 05:36:25 by RealPublic

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Promote Yourself By Reviewing My Audio Subs!

Hello there Newgrounders!

Here is a little post on my Blogger where You can read about my newest Royalty Free Music.

Voytek Pavlik Blogger

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Test Club Music 4 a Dollar

2011-11-21 10:13:57 by RealPublic

Hell yeah!

Welcome to my blog, check this tune out. /457133

[/gay gangsta off]

But for real, please comment and vote.

Test Club Music 4 a Dollar

What is that?

2011-03-28 07:14:46 by RealPublic

Audio Sub?

Oh dear /409647

What is that?

Take a look at this song /409413

Are you talented?

2011-03-27 09:17:32 by RealPublic

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Are you talented?

3 choices of Your life

2011-03-26 13:56:04 by RealPublic

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Voytek Pavlik

2011-03-25 13:14:28 by RealPublic


My name is Voytek Pavlik, a cool composer, some sort of a music producer, and a newb musician wanting to be a vocalist. Photography is also an insterest I like focuse my creativity on, because why not?

Please read onto my blog.


Voytek Pavlik

Smashing NEWS!

2011-03-17 17:38:45 by RealPublic

Let us send possitive thoughts to Japan...

In other news:

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Voytek Pavlik - Epic Action

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Thank you and goodnight

Voytek Pavlik

Smashing NEWS!